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Advocate Digital Media is pleased to announce the expansion of their suite of industry-leading digital products and services to include a new gem, JewelBox. Come see us at the at the 2014 JCK Jewelry Conference Las Vegas show on Saturday, May 31 from 2:30 – 3:45 p.m.

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Blue Diamond Responsive Web Design

Today, most consumers aren’t viewing your webpage on a computer or a laptop. The rise of tablets and smart phones have given consumers the opportunity to shop online anywhere Internet access is available. Therefore, a standard website, designed to fit the screen size of a desktop computer isn’t appropriate on the modern, mobile Internet. JewelBox was built from the ground up, with mobile in mind and native support for responsive design. JewelBox sites are beautiful and seamless to view on any screen size or device.

Blue Diamond Social Media Integration

Do you want more Facebook likes or Twitter followers? Or maybe you have a Pinterest or a Youtube account you would like your customers to see? With JewelBox, consumers can easily find all of your social media pages with beautifully built-in click-through buttons that are easy to find on the page. Even better, all of your inventory is easy to share across any social media channel. This will help with building your social media presence and gaining new customers.

Blue Diamond Industry Leading SEO

Even the best built modern websites can seem invisible if consumers don’t find them. JewelBox uses industry leading Search Engine Optimization to help generate that traffic to your website. Using free, organic, user and Google friendly practices to insure higher page rankings on Google and other search engines, JewelBox helps people to find your store, products and services first.

Simple Content Management - No Technical Skills Needed

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Lead Generation & Management Tools

The Lead Generation and Management tools are designed to help you convert website visitors into customers. Consumers can effortlessly contact you from the comfort of their home, office or on the go. By capturing email addresses, phone numbers and other contact information, JewelBox helps you meet your customers needs, answer questions and provide sales support through an intuitive, flexible interface.

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Product Photo & Video Support

JewelBox features robust photo and video support for products in your inventory. Go beyond factory shots and lifeless illustrations by providing a rich viewing experience for your customers. Authentic is what sells in todays Social Media obsessed marketplace. Rich content is fun to browse and fun to share!

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Faceted Product Support

It will be easy for your consumer to find what they are looking for with faceted product support. With well-organized product placement, site visitors will easily find the exact piece they’re looking for. Merchandise is organized and searchable in a variety of simple, user friendly methods. Simple to find is simple to buy!

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Other Products From ADM

Advocate Digital Media offers many opportunities that can help your company have an unfair advantage in your local market. We offer professional design services, targeted digital display campaigns, industry leading search engine strategies and social media plans that convert ‘likes’ and ‘followers’ into customers. Our team is dedicated to your success!

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